Leading through Innovation

SensComp was formed in 2002, as a result of acquiring the Polaroid OEM products division. Since that time, SensComp has continued to develop and produce ultrasonic products based on electrostatic technology.
MISSION: To be a world leader in the design and manufacturing of electrostatic ultrasonic sensors.

SensComp, a world leader in ultrasonic sensors, offers a large selection of in-air ultrasonic sensors, ranging components, complete plug-and-play systems and educational and evaluation kits. Our kits provide a low cost method of learning about and evaluating various ultrasonic sensors and components to assist you in product development and prototyping.

SensComp understands the costs and frustrations inherent with technology and its development. Our goal is to provide our customers with leading edge ultrasonic sensors and components that are high quality, low cost, and easy to use.

We are proud to be an American manufacturer. We sell our products worldwide directly to our customers and through a network of international distributors. SensComp is a woman owned business and an ISO 9001 certified company.

SensComp gives engineers design options.

1. Use SensComp’s transducers and design the electronics that drive it.
2. Use SensComp’s complete ultrasonic sensor solutions which include an electrostatic transducer and the electronics that drive it (Mini, Smart Sensor or Ranging Module).
3. Use SensComp enclosures and mounting clips to complete your installation.

SensComp Values:

As one team we create strengthen mutually beneficial, profitable and strategic outcomes that extend to all customers, employees and suppliers. We act with integrity and professionalism treating all with respect, fairness and courtesy. Knowledge, best practices, and goals are shared for overall success of the partnership.

Creating steady, profitable growth that builds the value of our company, while promoting the safety and well-being of all our customers, employees and suppliers. Others know we will each do what we say we will do, and whatever it takes to meet customer expectations. We support each other by being trustworthy; following through on all commitments and stepping up when the team needs help.

Providing the highest quality of products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Demonstrating our quality in a courteous, conscientious and businesslike manner as we communicate, offer solutions and perform all tasks at a high level of quality. Continuously improving every area of our company, we take pride in everything we do, with an attitude that reflects “do whatever it takes to be or make it outstanding!”

Working in partnership with our customers to “think outside the box”, offering different approaches or innovations that exceed their expectations. We measure our creativity and effectiveness by being the “first call” for our customers when looking for a solution. Individually we stay open to new learning, new ways to perform tasks, and new concepts, and improvising in ways that keep us on the leading edge.

Respectfully and collaboratively engaging in concise and timely dialogue with customers, employees and suppliers. Information flows freely and consistently to all involved, facilitating new opportunities, quickly identifying issues for resolution and improving our effectiveness as a team.