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Benefits of Electrostatic Technology

  • Long range capability
  • Sense small targets reliably
  • More stable and better performance over a wide temperature range

SensComp’s ultrasonic transducers and sensors are used in both indoor and outdoor applications in a variety of industries and applications. Our ultrasonic transducers use electrostatic and piezoelectric technology and our full ultrasonic sensor solutions are based on electrostatic technology. Ultrasonic sensors use the sonar principle in air. They send out an ultrasonic chirp, then convert to the receive mode and wait to detect a return echo from the surface of the target. They are used in applications where a non-contact sensor is required or desired.

Typical applications are:

  • Use on agricultural machinery to spray varying height of crops
  • Monitor tank levels (solid and liquid level and bin measurement and control)
  • Monitor irrigation systems
  • Increase farm profitability
  • Maximize production efficiency
  • Automated guided vehicles
  • Obstacle avoidance and enhancement of workplace safety.
  • Solid and liquid level measurement and control
  • Use in various industries for process control and inventory management, such as ice machines, water treatment, grain bins, oil tanks and more
  • Increase process capability, accuracy and logistical control
  • Measurement and automated process control
  • Sense absence or presence of objects
  • Height control
  • Counting objects
  • Increase process capability and accuracy
  • Loop control, roll diameter and tension control
  • Sense absence or presence of objects
  • People and object detection
  • Vehicle detection for drive up/drive thru industries
  • Level and height detection
  • Counting objects
  • Landing assistance/drones
  • Used in various industries such as garbage trucks, agricultural, construction earth movers, forestry and more
  • Assist operators to avoid collisions with fixed and moving objects

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should Manufacturers Consider SensComp for Transducers and Sensors?

The benefits of SensComp’s electrostatic transducers and sensors are as follows:

  • Long range capability
  • Can sense small targets reliably
  • They are more stable and have better performance over a wide temperature range

What are the range limitations with Transducers and Sensors?

The Series 600 Instrument and Environmental Grade Transducers and Sensors are able to range from 6” to 35’

What factors may impact the performance of Transducers and Sensors?

  • Excessive dust
  • Direct water or other liquid exposure
  • Extremely noisy/high EMI/RFI interference
  • Extreme high air turbulence
  • Extreme vibration

How often should a Transducer or Sensor be Replaced?

A transducer or sensor should be replaced as needed, depending on usage and environmental conditions. They typically can last a number of years, under optimal conditions.