Ultrasonic Components & Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasonic Components

How quickly can components and parts be shipped?

Orders received before 12:00 noon EST will be shipped the next business day.

Is there a guide to help troubleshoot why a Sensor or Transducer is not working?

Yes.  Troubleshooting information is available.  While is not a troubleshooting guide as such, there is troubleshooting information contained within documents in the Notes and Manuals page on the website

  • Troubleshooting 6500 operation
  • Verifying 6500 Ranging Module and Smart Sensor Operation
  • Verifying Mini-A Operation

What external factors may be detrimental to Transducer and Sensor Performance?  

  • Excessive dust
  • Direct water or other liquid exposure
  • Extremely noisy/high EMI/RFI interference
  • Extreme high air turbulence
  • Extreme vibration

Is there a warranty for accessory parts?

SensComp warrants that the goods it manufactures shall be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of shipment, and that such goods will conform to SensComp’s written specifications and drawings. 

See Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional information and exclusions.