International Distributor List

Customers can place their order for SensComp’s products via our website or send a purchase order to SensComp via email. (The email should link to We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Prepay by wire transfer is also accepted. Single quantities of certain products may be ordered through Amazon. Amazon carries the following products:

PID 604142 – Series 600 Instrument Grade Ultrasonic Sensors

PID 607281 – Series 600 Environmental Grade Ultrasonic Sensors

PID 615078LF – SMT 6500 Ranging Module

PID 615088LF – Instrument Grade Smart Sensor

PID 615089LF – Environmental Grade Smart Sensor

PID 606782SLF – Series 600 Environmental Grade Single OEM Kit

PID 606783SLF – Series 600 Instrument Grade Single OEM Kit

International customers from China, United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain should place orders directly with our international distributors below.

International Distributor List

China: Beijing Nokisens 

Spain: LCE – LED & Components Expert

United Kingdom: Manhattan Skyline 

Germany: Messring