PID 615078LF – SMT 6500 Ranging Module – RoHS

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SensComp 6500 Ranging Modules provide the drive electronics for SensComp Electrostatic Ultrasonic sensors.

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The SMT 6500 series are economical sonar ranging modules that can drive all SensComp electrostatic ultrasonic sensors. This module, with a simple interface, is able to measure distances from 6 inches to 35 feet. The typical accuracy is +/- 1% of the reading over the entire range.


  • Accurate Sonar Ranging from 6 inches to 35 feet
  • Drives a 50 kHz Electrostatic Ultrasonic sensor without an Additional Interface
  • Operates from a Single Power Supply Source
  • Accurate Clock Output Provided for External Use
  • Selective Echo Exclusion
  • TTL Compatible
  • Multiple Measurement Capability
  • Integrated Ultrasonic sensor Cable
  • Variable Gain Control Potentiometer

This module has an external blanking input that allows selective echo exclusion for operation on a multiple-echo mode. The module is able to differentiate echos from objects that are only three inches apart. The digitally controlled gain, variable bandwidth amplifier minimizes noise and side-lobe detection in sonar applications.

The module has an accurate ceramic resonator controlled 420 kHz time base generator. An output based on the 420 kHz time base is provided for external use. The sonar transmit output is 16 cycles at a frequency of 49.4 kHz.

The 6500 Series module operates over a DC power supply range from 4.5 volts to 6.8 volts (5 volts nominal) and is characterized for operation from 0° C to 70° C.

Download the Specification Sheet for full details.