SensComp’s Products Are Out of This World – Literally!

SensComp is proud to announce that one of its electrostatic sensors passed the rigorous testing criteria to be qualified as a component of an upcoming NASA mission to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. This mission will launch an 8-bladed rotorcraft over 740 million miles to study the fundamental components of organic life on Titan. SensComp’s electrostatic … Read more

Save Big With Our Smart Sensor Sale

SensComp is proud to announce a limited-time sale on our instrument grade Smart Sensors! Through December 31st*, you can get 15% off our instrument grade Smart Sensors. But don’t delay – this offer is only good while current inventory lasts! Widely used in agriculture, robotics, and manufacturing, these compact sensors offer an integrated design that … Read more

SensComp Invests in New Equipment to Improve Customer Experience

Here at SensComp, we’re committed to manufacturing the best possible ultrasonic sensors for our customers in various industries.  Manufacturing technology is always evolving, and in order to produce superior products and components, manufacturers must utilize cutting-edge machinery.  That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve invested in substantial upgrades for all of our electronic manufacturing … Read more

How Farmers Can Increase Their Productivity With SensComp Ultrasonic Sensors

Today’s farmers face historic challenges in running a successful agricultural business. The costs of fertilizer, seeds, fuel, and farming equipment have risen significantly. Additionally, shipping delays are common and labor is hard to find.  To meet these challenges head-on, farmers must leverage any and all technologies they can to maximize crop yield, maintain quality, and … Read more

How Smart Sensor Technology Is Helping Manufacturers With Their Automation Initiatives

For decades, manufacturers have utilized sensors to improve manufacturing processes. However, advancements in technology like the Internet of Things and local computing power has allowed manufacturers to leverage smart sensor technology for even greater effect.  In short, smart sensors are sensors with a microprocessor that can also communicate with other devices. They can provide data … Read more

What is Ultrasonic Sensor Technology?

Ultrasonic sensor technology is widely used in a variety of products and environments, including self-parking cars and robotic assembly lines. But if you’re not sure what it is or exactly how it works, it can be a little confusing. In a nutshell, ultrasonic sensor technology is a method of distance measurement and object detection. Let’s … Read more

How to Mount or Enclose Ultrasonic Sensors

Many of SensComp’s customers have questions on the best ways to mount or enclose SensComp’s 600 Series and Piezoelectric Sensors.  As a Leading Manufacturer of Ultrasonic Sensors, SensComp has Capabilities for a Wide Range of Solutions Let’s start with SensComp’s 600 Series, Mini, and Smart Sensors.  You can mount these sensors to a simple thin plate … Read more

SensComp Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in 2022!

Time sure flies by when you are in business!  This year, 2022, marks SensComp’s 20th anniversary!  It’s an interesting story on how SensComp was created. EDP Company, owned by the same founders as SensComp, developed ultrasonic products  used in two prominent applications: SonaSwitch® 1400, used in the fast-food industry sensing vehicles in the drive-thru lanes, … Read more

Now Available: The Transducer Terminal Connector

transducer connector

Senscomp is proud to announce the release of our newest product: the Transducer Terminal Connector. PID #735715ALF Available now for purchase on our website, this new connector makes it convenient and easy to connect your electronic drive circuit to any of the Series 600 Electrostatic Transducers. It can be used with just about any standard … Read more

SensComp is Working Harder for You

Since 2002, SensComp has been a world leader in ultrasonic sensors. Today, we’re proud to announce the relaunch of our website, designed to work harder than ever for you. Simplified Purchasing Commerce has shifted greatly since our company was acquired from Polaroid nearly two decades ago. Additionally, the past year saw major changes in how … Read more