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Widely used in agriculture, robotics, and manufacturing, these compact sensors offer an integrated design that expedites the product development process.

Do you work at a college or university engineering department? If you have remaining funds for your 2022 budget, now is a great time to purchase Smart Sensors for your students. These sensors are an excellent choice for educational development projects, and can allow engineering students to experiment and test different designs incorporating electrostatic technology.

Series 600 Smart Sensor Capabilities

This SensComp Smart Sensor is based on the ultra-sensitive Series 600 Electrostatic Ultrasonic Sensor Line, and features an enhanced version of our 6500 ranging module. With new voltage-regulated circuitry, the sensor can operate from a 6 to 24 VDC power source.

This sensor is also completely integrated, which allows for simpler product design and packaging. It also incorporates TTL compatible open collector outputs which feature pull-up resistors, while the oscillator circuit allows the unit to be either externally triggered or continually sense at 5 Hz.

Save Big with 2022 year-end Ultrasonic Sensor sales with SensComp

For sonar applications, noise and side lobe detection can be minimized with a digitally controlled gain and variable bandwidth amplifier. These features allow the device to detect objects with a typical absolute accuracy of ±1% over the entire range.

Smart Sensor Features

  • 50 KHz Electrostatic Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Integrated SMT Drive Electronics
  • TTL Compatible
  • Convenient Pin Terminal Connection
  • Monostable and Astable Modes of Operation
  • Voltage Regulated
  • Beam Angle of 15° at -6 dB
  • Low Ring Characteristics
  • Ranges From 6” to 35’
  • Excellent Receiving Sensitivity
  • Available With All Series 600 Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Specifically Intended for Operation in Air at Ultrasonic Frequencies

Real-Life Applications of the Series 600 Smart Sensor

Our Series 600 Smart Sensors are used for a variety of applications. Industrial line control, production line sensing, proximity detection, and distance measurement are all great uses of this reliable, accurate sensor.

These sensors are also broadly used in heavy equipment applications. In fact, heavy equipment used in roadway construction and repair projects throughout the U.S. likely uses SensComp’s sensors with electrostatic technology.

Why Electrostatic Technology?

In comparison to piezoelectric transducers, sensors with electrostatic technology offer a number of different benefits. Electrostatic technology allows for greater range capabilities, greater accuracy and reliability in sensing small targets, and greater stability over a wide temperature range.

In sensitive or critical sensing applications, these advantages are invaluable.

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