SensComp Invests in New Equipment to Improve Customer Experience

Here at SensComp, we’re committed to manufacturing the best possible ultrasonic sensors for our customers in various industries. 

Manufacturing technology is always evolving, and in order to produce superior products and components, manufacturers must utilize cutting-edge machinery. 

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve invested in substantial upgrades for all of our electronic manufacturing equipment. Read on for more details.

Our New Machines

Over the last several years, Senscomp has invested in extensive upgrades for nearly every piece of equipment in our facility. These upgrades include a screen printer, a reflow oven, an automated optical inspection (AOI) 3D unit, and selective solder equipment. This equipment focuses on intelligent manufacturing and brings us closer to achieving our automation goals.  

Most importantly, our team has invested in two new Samsung/Hanwha surface mount technology pick and place machines.

New Samsung/Hanwha Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Pick and Place Machines Offer Exciting Capabilities

Our new SMT pick and place machines provide an array of exciting capabilities for ultrasonic sensor manufacturing. These machines are four times faster than our previous machines, and also provide significantly greater accuracy.

The new Samsung/Hanwha SMT pick and place machines boast a two gantry, flying vision head system. They offer a placement speed of up to 160,000 chips per hour, and include a high accuracy linear motor.

They offer accuracy ratings of +-40um@ Cpk>1.0(@0402) and +-30um@ Cpk>1.0 (QFP/Stage Vision). Last but not least, they’re capable of working with component sizes of 16mm, H10mm,  and 42mm, H15mm.

To learn more about these machines, click here for a video.

What This Means for You

Our new equipment will be invaluable in our mission to provide the best electrostatic ultrasonic transducers and sensors. When it comes to precision products and the placement of small components, our new Samsung/Hanwha SMT machines are unmatched.

This new machinery has also expanded our manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to expand our product line.

Whether you’re a regular customer or working on your first project with SensComp, this equipment means you can rest assured that you’re receiving ultrasonic sensing components of the highest quality. 

SensComp is a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic sensors and technology. You can view our complete product line online and learn more about our capabilities

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